It’s here! The VSP Sign-in Kiosk
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It’s Simple
Track attendance easily and accurately with VSP’s Sign-In Kiosk, available for tablets and computers. People can sign in when they show up to volunteer with just a few clicks. Leaders can see exactly who has checked in, both at the shift and after the fact, for simple reporting and follow up.
It’s Flexible
Clipboard Style
Like to have a friendly face greeting and checking in volunteers? Treat your computer or tablet like a clipboard and check people off as they arrive.
It’s Seamless
Automatic Updates
Once a shift is over, the attendance records are automatically entered into VSP with no extra work on your part!
Accurate Attendance
Always have the right numbers at your fingertips - without having to sort through paper sign in sheets.
Easy for Everyone
To open the kiosk, simply click on your kiosk link or open the kiosk app. No intensive set-up or training necessary.
The Sign-in Kiosk is included in the Standard Edition of VSP at no additional cost!
Want to see the kiosk in action? Watch the Attendance Tracking webinar!