Volunteer Scheduler Pro™ (“VSP”) is the go-to solution for scheduling and managing volunteers for non-profits and events. Its state of the art scheduling models save you time and eliminate frustration by enabling you to quickly create schedules that acknowledge all your volunteers’ preferences and your organization’s needs. And that’s just the beginning. VSP’s Web Terminal allows your volunteers to go online to view schedules, find subs, update their availability, and connect with other volunteers. By making the scheduling process interactive, the Web Terminal enables your volunteers to participate much more easily and often in their jobs. The Web Terminal, combined with the free VSP mobile app, is designed to help grow participation and cut costs.

VSP’s Scheduling Tools allow you to specify when and in what jobs each volunteer should be scheduled, vacation dates and unavailable times during which they will not be scheduled, family groupings to allow families to be kept together, preferred serving frequencies, and much more. As you will see, VSP enables you to dictate even the most complex scheduling considerations, all through a remarkably simple plain-English interface. Using this information, you can manually schedule volunteers, create Teams and/or rotations, or allow volunteers to self sign up. You may also choose to use the auto scheduler, a unique scheduling algorithm that ensures the highest quality schedules are always produced. Our state of the art scheduling engine is based on a proprietary, highly sophisticated multi-pass model that guarantees the fairest possible distribution of duties in every single schedule. Moreover, a variety of tools enable you to examine and analyze, and (if you want) modify schedules after they have been created so you can be absolutely sure everybody’s needs are met. Finished schedules can be saved in a variety of professional layouts in both Microsoft Word® and Excel®, or in web page formats that you can post to VSP’s Web Terminal or your own web site.

VSP’s Emailer allows you to send schedules, rosters, notices, and shift reminders instantaneously to all your volunteers. The emails you send are completely customizable and can even be personalized with information for each volunteer (e.g., the volunteer’s name or the specific dates on which he or she is scheduled.) All emails are sent through our high capacity mail servers, so even when sending attachments to hundreds of volunteers, all emails are sent instantaneously.

VSP’s Web Terminal technology allows your volunteers to access and update their own schedules from anywhere! They can fill empty positions, request swaps, or make changes to their profile information. If automatic processing is turned on, the changes they make are immediately applied to their schedules with no administrative intervention required. Volunteers can access important resources you provide for particular shifts directly from the Web Terminal. With the Web Terminal, you can send volunteers automatic email or SMS reminders a set number of days or hours prior to any scheduled position. This tool allows an unprecedented level of efficiency in keeping your volunteers’ information up-to-date, and a new level of flexibility for volunteers managing their own schedules in today’s busy world.

VSP’s Rosterizer is a powerful reporting tool, allowing users to easily mine the valuable data stored in Volunteer Scheduler Pro. Quickly pull reports on hours served and attendance records, or volunteer lists with contact info and t-shirt size for coordinators at an event. These reports can be exported into a variety of formats to they can easily be shared with staff and supporters, or imported into fundraising software and grant documentation, to make sure everyone has the information they need.

VSP’s Mobile App is available to your volunteers for free and allows them to perform many of their favorite Web Terminal actions on-the-go! The streamlined app, available for Apple and Android devices, can be used to check assignments, request subs, sign up for unfilled positions, and update profile information. It’s never been easier to stay connected with your volunteers, no matter where they are.

If you are new to VSP, follow the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide (choose “Quick Start Guide…” from VSP’s Help menu). The guide is designed to help you quickly set up the program with the essential information it needs about your jobs, shifts, and volunteers, and to walk you through creating a schedule for an event. Once you’ve done that basic set-up of the scheduler, browse through this complete documentation for an inventory and explanation of the remaining features not covered in the Quick Start Guide.