VSP User Spotlight: Wags and Walks

Wags and Walks has been rescuing dogs in the Los Angeles area since 2011. What started as the rescue of one dog quickly grew into a non-profit organization that has rescued over 3,000 dogs. None of this would have been possible without the hours of service donated by the local animal lovers who volunteer.

Currently, over 1,000 volunteers support the work of the Wags and Walks, caring for the 40 - 50 dogs in foster care and 28 dogs on site from as early as 6 a.m. to as late as 10 p.m. each day.* Managing this small army is no easy feat. Beyond the monumental challenge of volunteer scheduling, keeping track of different levels of volunteer training and the myriad tasks involved in animal care mean that great attention to detail is necessary to ensure the animals are cared for and volunteers are properly supported.

Wags and Walks volunteer manager, Kathryn Hurley, uses Volunteer Scheduler Pro to manage many of the details of the Wags and Walks volunteer program. In addition to the traditional use of creating volunteer schedules, Kathryn has found ways to utilize VSP to meet the specific needs of her organization.

Volunteers begin their journey at Wags and Walks as “Black Paw” volunteers. At this stage, they can walk any of the small, easy going dogs. Wags and Walks provides weekend trainings to take volunteers to the next level, which is called “Teal Paw.” These volunteers can walk the larger, stronger dogs. The highest level, “Wags Club Lead” volunteers, have the ability to supervise the building and help answer questions and concerns of new volunteers.

Before using VSP, Kathryn tried to write schedules in a Google spreadsheet, but the task was too complicated to keep track of volunteer levels.

Once she began utilizing VSP approximately 18 months ago, Kathryn quickly realized she could use VSP to differentiate between volunteer levels. Since then, she’s been able to schedule volunteers according to their level. This means she can quickly ensure that all levels of volunteers are present as needed.

It’s little wonder that this organization has become a powerful force for good. With a clear mission, an engaging volunteer program, and cute, furry friends, the people of Wags and Walks are changing Los Angeles, one paw at a time.

*Updated 2/11/19

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