Case Studies

Candid user feedback

  • Last year was our first experience with Volunteer Scheduler Pro. We were very pleased with the results, which made our volunteer scheduling easier and more efficient.

    — Joyce Stone

    Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival (Eastsound, WA)

  • VSP gives the volunteers more responsibility to schedule their shift and actively look for a sub rather than me having to find one on a Saturday evening.

    — Lettie Calhoun

    Bridge Cafe at London Bridge Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

  • Every time I contact VSP, I am treated very well! I appreciate the great customer service!

    — Amy Michalek

    Start Over Rover (Hastings, NE)

  • VSP has made it very easy and simple to schedule volunteers, as well as making it easy for them to add/drop shifts.

    — Jon White

    Signature Theatre (Arlington, VA)

  • We are VERY HAPPY with the success of our transition to MSP. The tutorials, support, and user friendliness of the program has made this a seamless transition for us. Even preparing our Special schedules for Christmas has been super easy. As with any "Change" our ministers are struggling a little with change. We had 2 people decide to stop being lectors because they couldn't handle the change, but that's fine with us. For the most part we have received nothing but POSITIVE feedback!

    — Joseph Viserta

    Church of the Resurrection (Rye, NY)

  • Enrollment is much easier. Volunteers have more control over their schedules.

    — Ryan Brown

    Walters Art Museum (Baltimore, MD)

  • My recent computer crash is a perfect testimony as to the benefit of your system. If my data only lived on my system, I would have been sunk! Thank the Lord for your program.

    — Pam Ferguson

    Shepherd's Hope Neighborhood Health Center (Little Rock, AR)

  • VSP is now officially the best scheduling program in the world. :)

    — Bethany Cimino

    Calvary Chapel Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)

  • Everything was great! Our members loved the ease of scheduling online and we definitely look forward to using VSP again next year.

    — Andrea Screws

    Kiwanis Club (Montgomery, AL)

  • It is easier to control the schedule and especially handle subs.

    — Anne Johnson

    St. Frances Cabrini (Littleton, CO)

  • [VSP has] made it easier to ask for and keep track of subs.

    — Karen

    Assistance League of San Mateo (San Mateo, CA)

  • The support I've received from Rotunda has been incredibly responsive and helpful

    — Giuliana Rende

    San Francisco SPCA (San Francisco, CA)

  • Keeps the schedule organized and allows parishioners to volunteer on their own, and the schedule is always accessible and available on our website.

    — Kate Pollack

    St. Mary Parish (Woodstock, IL)

  • I'm impressed with the software as I'm working through all of the custom features. I love it!

    — Brian Steeves

    The Lennox Club (Winnipeg, MB)

  • We got a lot of compliments for the 2011 Conference. The volunteers found this to be very organized and they liked being able to choose their own shifts.

    — Karen Mobilia

    Pilates Method Alliance (Miami, FL)

  • VSP has streamlined the process and makes it much easier to assign volunteers on a regular schedule as well as those who are one-off assignments.

    — JoAnne Fell

    Dunedin Cares, Inc. (Dunedin, FL)

  • VSP has really helped us with consistency, with time, and with flexibility for the volunteers.

    — Vicky Bell

    Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Florida (Pensacola, FL)

  • VSP has been working great. I enjoy having the ability to send an email out to a group of volunteers, and our student nurse volunteers love the fact they are able to sign up on the schedule remotely instead of coming to the clinic to sign up.

    — Jeniffer Sullivan

    Community Health Clinic (McKinney, TX)

  • Since we began using VSP there is much more participation from the volunteers. They are becoming stake holders.

    — David Forsythe

    Panorama Resident Council Transit (Lacey, WA)

  • VSP is easy to use for the volunteers, and they like the mobile option.

    — Jeanmarie Paradise

    Denver Asset Building Coalition (Denver, CO)

  • VSP has streamlined the process of scheduling a large team. Also it has cut down on a lot of unnecessary admin.

    — Mark Hendricks

    ConnectUp (New Cumberland, PA)

  • I love having the ability to give volunteers total access to the system. They are able to ask for subs and to volunteer for open positions. It has worked beautifully for us.

    — Pat Isaacson

    The Finer Arts Gallery (Cave Creek, AZ)

  • I love your program. It is easy to set up, teach to others, and interest volunteers in using it.

    — Marilynn Raymond

    St. Francis Home (Reading, PA)

  • [VSP] has made scheduling and finding subs efficient.

    — Michael Gerald

    The Well Outreach (Spring Hill, TN)

  • VSP has allowed our volunteers to have autonomy over their schedule. As they mostly work remotely, VSP has been a fantastic tool to keep connected and up to date.

    — Angel Durham

    Te Whare Pounamu Dunedin Women's Refuge (Dunedin, Otago)

  • I believe [VSP] is a fantastic option for riding centers because of its ability to customize each lesson with the personnel needed, as well as being able to reach out to all our volunteers through the program. I feel confident that when I send a prospective volunteer to the VSP site, I will capture all the pertinent information and be able to proceed with getting them incorporated into the program. Overall, for someone who had no idea what I was getting into, it was an easy, and very intuitive process to learn. I love that I can easily text and email class changes to the volunteers who are signed up for sessions. It also offers a great way to reach out to all our volunteers.

    — Suzanne Opp

    Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding (Franktown, CO)

  • VSP makes it so much easier for people to volunteer for open time slots for our Adoration Chapel. We need people in the Chapel 24/7 and whenever someone needs a sub it goes through VSP and I get an immediate response. Wonderful program!

    — Stacey Garza

    St. Bridget Church (Loves Park, IL)

  • Your system saved me hundreds of man hours!!!! It has been a huge blessing and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!

    — Pam Ferguson

    Shepherd's Hope Neighborhood Health Center (Little Rock, AR)

  • We are now able to see dates, shifts, jobs and volunteers in one place! It makes everything transparent when there is a "change of guard" as far as area leads are concerned.

    — Rita Gurganus

    The Parishes of Oakmont, Plum and Verona (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • My working parents are able to sign up to volunteer from their work or home computer at a time that's convenient for them. I have gotten many more volunteers than I ever did using sign-up forms in the school lobby.

    — Laurie Applebaum

    The da Vinci School (Dallas, TX)

  • It is so obviously built for volunteering. Reminder emails, vacancy emails, form emails. I am seriously enjoying it and have not have one single complaint about the switch over. My volunteers especially appreciate that they can see who else is working. Anyone who is using a scheduling system for volunteering should know about this software. My only sadness is that I just found out. Thank you for attending the NAFC conference, had you not been there I would still be using my cruddy old system.

    — Justin Brox

    Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic (Pontiac, MI)

  • VSP has made it easier for both the volunteers and I to give of their time and to make sure all volunteer slots are filled. Communication between myself and all the volunteers is seamless!

    — Katie Powers

    Chrysalis Center (Hartford, CT)

  • With the ability to generate an interactive calendar accessible to both staff and volunteers, as well as subbing and swapping functionality, we now have all of the essential functions we need to maintain our schedule collapsed into one program. Never before have we had such an accurate understanding of our schedule and what could be done to improve it, both for those we serve and for our volunteers.

    — Jonass Placitis

    Crisis Connections (Seattle, WA)

  • Everything has been wonderful. We love the family feature, which lets the wife schedule both herself and her husband, for example, which is way easier than remembering multiple passwords. It’s been great! VSP does everything we need it to do!

    — Whitney Moore

    Grace Baptist Church (Santa Clarita, CA)

  • VSP is working great for us here.  It's user-friendly and easy to quickly teach any volunteers that wish to help with data entry into the schedule.  We primarily use it to schedule and communicate with the ushers for all of our events, but I also use it to schedule mass mailings, promo material distribution, docents, and even musician transportation.  Probably my favorite feature though is the excellent customer support that has been extremely helpful in promptly answering any technical questions or issues that I've had.  Thanks to VSP, the volunteers think I'm an organizational genius!

    — Jeremy Farmer

    Rockport Music (Rockport, MA)

  • VSP has completely changed volunteering. We are now able to keep track of when and where people are coming into the office, and communications with groups who want to help out is exponentially better. I also love how easy it is to contact all of my volunteers at one time.

    — Julia Tindell

    Breaking Free, Inc. (Saint Paul, MN)

  • The ability for volunteers to manage their own schedules has been a great help for a number of our volunteers. The scheduling portion of the program to make sure all our shifts are covered, and not double booked, is great.

    — Matthew Hoeft

    Salvation Army (Saskatoon, SK)

  • I have nothing but the BEST BEST BEST feedback for the support staff at the headquarters. I came into this position myself about two months ago, and didn't have a full understanding of how the program worked, but they were incredibly supportive in all my naivete!!

    — Suzanne Opp

    Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding (Franktown, CO)

  • We are so happy with your product I can't begin to tell how this has made all of our lives so much easier!

    — Deanna Converse

    Main Street Attraction (Alhambra, CA)

  • VSP has helped create much more direct communication between the organization and volunteers. Also, has streamlined the scheduling process and made it effortless. Easy access to get subs for volunteers who cannot make their shifts.

    — Jackie Lorens

    St. Vincent de Paul Parish (Chicago, IL)

  • Volunteers are much more engaged than previously with the monthly manual method. Shifts are better covered because of the dynamic nature of VSP. Volunteers like it better because they can sign up themselves and see when there are openings.

    — Glenn Cross

    Cokesbury Church (Knoxville, TN)

  • We have really been enjoying VSP! It’s been very helpful to be able to see all of our clinic schedules at once, and for volunteers to receive automatic reminders about shifts and shift openings.

    — Grace Leppanen

    King County Bar Association (Seattle, WA)

  • The program has been wonderful. My scheduling job has become much easier since using VSP!

    — Alison Lamond

    Philly PAWS (Philadelphia, PA)

  • VSP has streamlined our volunteer schedule by having an organized web terminal with all the information volunteers need in one place.

    — John Leonard

     KHOL 89.1 FM (Jackson, WY)

  • VSP has made scheduling efficient and effective. We would never have been able to manually schedule the number of volunteers we now have. VSP has facilitated us being able to increase the number of volunteers we have and by giving us the ability to effectively manage the work-load involved in scheduling them! Our volunteers love the convenience of the web terminal and it takes many hours off my time filling in the schedule. I love the auto-reminders and rosterizer, emailer, all that VSP offers. Also, I have researched all of the scheduling software offers out there and VSP is the only one that tailors the program to meet our needs.

    — Bethany Cimino

    Calvary Chapel Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)

  • Super grateful for this program. Getting volunteers signed up to work shifts is so much easier when they can do it themselves! I cannot imagine running the conference any other way. Late changes were easily addressed and using the kiosk to check everyone in was very efficient. Our choir members were given assigned positions so did not need to sign up, but the reminders were so helpful especially since some were in multiple choirs.

    — Patti Such

    NPM Convention (Silver Spring, MD)

  • VSP allows people to find substitutes without making phone calls (saves them time); it eases my process of sending a global email to all volunteers; it helps me take a vacation and let another person see the same data and be the administrator in my absence; it allows me to post our schedule on our church's website, which should make it easier for new volunteers to be aware of opportunities.

    — Virginia Marquez

    St. Andrew Parish (Eagle River, AK)

  • The VSP program helped us streamline our Christmas volunteer effort by allowing us to communicate efficiently and track volunteer and staff hours easily.  The program worked seamlessly for us, and was very easy for all of our volunteers to use.

    — Rick Zelinsky

    The Salvation Army North Toronto Community Church (Toronto, ON)

  • VSP came recommended from my peers who had left SignUp Genius for this better program. It's made it SO much easier for volunteers to interact, request substitutes (on their own, rather than through me), sign up quickly, use email at the same time -- a much better two-way street of communication.

    — Rob McCabe

    Lifeline Christian Mission (Westerville, OH)