Purchase a subscription

A subscription's monthly fee depends on the edition and number of volunteers being scheduled. Unlimited email and phone support included with all subscriptions.

Up to
$ / month
  • Flexible scheduling tools
  • Mobile & web based scheduling
  • Online access for volunteers
  • Sub requests
  • Automatic reminders
  • Service notes & resources
  • Text messages
Up to
$ / month
  • Everything in the lite edition
  • Online access for leaders
  • Custom fields
  • Sign-in kiosk
  • Job folders
  • Group scheduling
  • Disaster recovery
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any setup charges?

No! There are no setup charges when it comes to setting up your Volunteer Scheduler Pro subscription.

Is technical support included or billed separately?

Volunteer scheduling is hard, and we are committed to your success. Unlimited email and phone support is included in all Volunteer Scheduler Pro subscriptions!

Are text messages (SMS) included or billed separately?

The optional text message reminders and announcements features are billed separately at $0.02 per text message sent or received.

What is the minimum length of a subscription?

The minimum length of a Volunteer Scheduler Pro subscription is 3 months.

Am I charged for volunteers who are no longer active?

Dormant volunteers are defined as volunteers that haven't been scheduled or submitted profile changes in 3 months. Dormant volunteers are not counted when calculating your subscription fee, but they can still sign in, review the schedule, and receive all emails and text messages.

Can I bring my trial data over to my purchased subscription?

Absolutely! When subscribing, you will come to a "Preserve trial data" field. Choose the "I signed up for an VSP trial..." option and enter your trial activation code and password.

Am I locked into the edition and number of volunteers I purchase?

No! You can always upgrade or expand your subscription. You may also request a downgrade before you renew your subscription by contacting us.

What happens after I subscribe?

Once you complete the subscription process and payment is accepted, you will receive an email with your license activation code and directions for getting started with VSP.

What's unique about the Standard Edition?

The Standard edition features the Sign-in Kiosk, custom fields, and more. Learn more to see if it's right for your organization.