Case Study

Brian Fahey

Pinehurst Resort and Country Club

Location: Pinehurst, NC



How does Pinehurst Resort use VSP?

We typically have small events. But this year, we hosted a large tournament with 450 volunteers scheduled throughout the course of a week at two different locations. VSP helps us stay organized and efficient.

What made you want to try out the Sign-in Kiosk?

Managing volunteers over a week at two golf courses is a significant logistical task. Our main goal was to ensure all volunteers showed up for their shifts on time. Because the shifts were all short, we needed them covered very quickly.

How do you use the Sign-in Kiosk?

We have volunteer sign-in stations at each golf course. When a volunteer arrives, a staff person checks them in for that shift.
Our shift leaders out in the field pull up the Kiosk on their phones to see who has checked in safely, who may be running late for shifts, and so on. It is pretty handy.
On the busiest day of our tournament, we had maybe 200 volunteers. We had a couple of volunteers that didn't show up, but we were able to plug some people in at the last minute and made it work, so that's great.

What are some of the biggest benefits of using the Kiosk?

It makes signing in simple and user-friendly. Plus, the program automatically labels volunteer no-shows, which automates our attendance and volunteer management.