Case Study

Roy Varney

EMS Agencies

Location: Deer Park, WA



Was there an aspect of VSP that helped your agency decide to start using the program?

It was the most affordable option. The dollar figure was a very important aspect of making the decision to pick VSP. It's also so easy to use. With minimal training, I was able to manage the program.

How has VSP helped improve scheduling your volunteers?

The old process took many, many hours. Now, it's a situation where the onus is placed on the volunteer, they can go in and pick their schedule and choose what day they want to work.

Are there features you would recommend to new users?

The ability to put people on repeating assignments is outstanding. It makes the scheduling process so much easier. We also love swap requests. The program notifies everyone that a shift is available in order to fill any vacant positions.

How do you use the mobile app?

As an administrator, I use the mobile application to make sure my shifts are filled throughout the week. I can look at a specific date and see if there is a problem. I don't have to run home to the computer, I can do it right from my phone.