Scheduling Software: What’s in it for me?
Getting all the important stakeholders on board with any change is tough. But by explaining what each person stands to gain by using volunteer scheduling software, you can minimize resistance to change, use technology to improve the scheduling process and get everyone excited about the benefits.
Volunteer Coordinators
Reduce burnout by empowering your volunteers to sign up and access their schedules online, promoting greater accountability and fewer no-shows. You'll spend less time scheduling and more time interfacing with your volunteers when you ditch the spreadsheets, phone calls, notes, and data entry for one streamlined system. The improved management and communication methods will relieve stress for everyone.
Program Directors
You want a smooth and efficient volunteer program. VSP makes it easy for new volunteers to get involved, and a growing volunteer base means more prospective donors, advocates, and ambassadors for your organization. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes volunteering easy and assists in long-term retention. By simplifying how you schedule and communicate with volunteers, you’ll be free to devote more time and energy to other important tasks.
Business Managers
Time is money, and efficient operation is the key to limiting overhead. VSP reduces the staff hours necessary to create and maintain schedules. For paid staff, that means savings in wages as well as printing and postage, but even volunteer schedulers will be able to devote more attention to volunteer training and enhance the volunteer experience. That makes it easier to attract and retain volunteers. VSP also enables better productivity and recordkeeping: you’ll have improved reporting to share with stakeholders and can readily track hours worked to use in grant requests.
Afraid of committing as a volunteer? Relax. Getting involved is easy. Accessing your schedule and volunteer preferences from anywhere makes it easy to stay involved at your own pace. No need to sort through emails – check when you’re scheduled, change your volunteer preferences, request and accept subs, or sign up for unfilled positions, all from the web or the mobile app. VSP makes it easy to track and maintain your volunteer commitments and exercise greater control over your availability.
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