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Leaders have web-based access to Volunteer Scheduler Pro via the mobile app or the Web Terminal. You can control what jobs and features Leaders can access, empowering them to take on more responsibility wherever you see fit.

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kiosk

Track attendance without having to print paper sign-in sheets! Volunteers check in with a few clicks or taps on any mobile or web-enabled device. After the shift, it's easy to run reports, email no-shows, or send thank you notes to last-minute substitutes.

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Custom fields

Custom fields let you track, filter, and run reports on custom volunteer information. This lets you track certifications, training, birthdays, t-shirt size, emergency contacts, and more.

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Folders let you group jobs by location, department, or any other way you see fit. This simplifies viewing schedules, creating emails and running rosters just for certain groups or jobs. Work smarter, not harder!

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Disaster recovery

Did you accidentally delete an entire schedule or make a swath of changes that need to be reversed? Disaster recovery is overseen by our VSP experts and lets you restore your Volunteer Scheduler Pro database back to a specific point in time.

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Group scheduling

Have groups of volunteers who fill multiple volunteer roles at the same service, like corporate or school groups? Add them to the schedule with a single profile, while still being able to specify how many people from that group are needed.

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Online self-signup

Volunteers sign themselves up for empty positions by clicking on them where they appear in the schedule.

  • Control which volunteers can sign up for which jobs.
  • Post the full schedule directly on your web site.
  • Choose between several schedule layouts, including a user friendly interactive calendar view.
Fixed rotational scheduling

Setup fixed, recurring assignments for volunteers, like "every other week" or "the second Monday of the month".

  • Easily view and edit recurring assignments within the full schedule.
  • Setup rotating teams of volunteers.
  • Quickly view, filter, sort, and export lists of your recurring assignments.
Mobile and web-based scheduling

Web Admins are a type of administrator that have web-based access to Volunteer Scheduler Pro via the mobile app or the Web Terminal. Web Admins have the flexibility to work from a laptop, tablet, or phone. Web Admins can:

  • View and update volunteer profiles online.
  • See the list of schedules, add or edit shifts, and assign volunteers.
  • Manage jobs, responsibilities, and qualified volunteers.
  • Set volunteers to be scheduled based on a fixed, repeating pattern, such as the first Saturday of every month.
  • Send announcements, view open rates, and check poll and RSVP responses.
Group scheduling

Easily accommodate large organizations or companies that want to send volunteers. Create a single entry for each group with contact information and then easily track how many people they are bringing. You can also allow the group coordinator to sign up for shifts online.

Automatic scheduling

The auto-scheduler quickly fills shifts with the needed number of volunteers while respecting:

  • Shift preferences and unavailable times.
  • Different skill levels or types of positions.
  • Preferred or maximum serving frequencies.
  • Family considerations (together or apart, as needed).
Manage multiple locations

Easily produce schedules for multiple locations. Flag each volunteer for the locations at which he or she is able to serve.

Job folders

Keep your database organized by grouping your jobs by type, department, or however you see fit. Once your jobs are grouped into folders, you can view schedules and create emails and rosters just for particular folders. Job folders make it easy to manage hundreds of jobs with VSP and focus your attention on just one part of the overall picture.

Web Terminal
Online subs and trades
  • Enable volunteers to find subs and make trades online.
  • When a sub is requested, notify volunteers eligible to fill that position with an automatic sub request email.
  • Choose between manual or automatic, instantaneous processing of changes.
Online enrollment forms

Effortlessly enlist more volunteers with a user-friendly, customizable online form.

  • Clarify job descriptions and requirements with custom descriptions.
  • Add custom questions -- only available in the Standard edition.
  • Link to the enrollment form from your website.
Online access for Leaders

Grant members of your team special privileges to manage just their volunteers and shifts online. Leaders can edit and schedule volunteers, send emails and text messages, and post notes and documents to shifts, with no need to install the full administrator's client. Also, Leaders are automatically kept up to date on any changes made by their volunteers through the Web Terminal. For more information on Leaders, see this video tutorial.

Custom branding & HTML content

Maintain the look and feel of your organization when your volunteers access their schedules online and use full, customizable HTML content in the Web Terminal including your organization's logo and other images.

Attendance Tracking
sheets

Export and print sign-in sheets for specific shifts. Then, manually enter no-shows into VSP schedules for reporting and follow-up.

kiosk

Track attendance easily and accurately on any tablet or computer. Volunteers can check in with just a few simple clicks, and leaders can see who has arrived - in real time! After the shift, attendance records are automatically entered into VSP, so you can run reports, email no-shows, or send thank you notes to last-minute substitutes.

Mobile app
Mobile App for volunteers

Volunteers with smartphones can download a free mobile app to sign up for shifts, request substitutes, view the full schedule, and update their profile information on the go.


An integrated communication platform that lets you:

  • Instantly send emails to all volunteers or just those matching certain criteria.
  • Choose your own fonts, styles, and colors.
  • Embed polls or RSVPs for easy, one-click responses from volunteers.
  • Add inline images.
  • Send full schedules or other large attachments to hundreds of volunteers in seconds.
  • Track sent emails, and view reports on who has opened each email and when.

Use "tokens" to easily personalize emails with information about each recipient:

  • The recipient volunteer's name, address, phone, job qualifications, shift preferences, unavailable times, or attendance statistics.
  • The dates on which the volunteer is scheduled.
  • Unfilled or "sub requested" positions in which the volunteer could serve.
  • Links that allow the volunteer to quickly fill positions or request subs via the Web Terminal.
Text messages

Send personalized text messages quickly to everyone or just a group of volunteers. Text messages are billed at $0.02 per text sent or received. Note: text messaging available in the U.S. and Canada only

Automatic email reminders

Make sure volunteers always know when they are scheduled with customizable automatic email reminders. Optionally allow volunteers to choose how many days before their shifts their reminders are sent.

Text message reminders

Reduce no shows with automatic text message (SMS) reminders. You can have replies sent directly to your phone, or enable replies to go to all the scheduled volunteers within a job. Text messages are billed at $0.02 per text sent or received. Note: text messaging available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Custom fields

Track any type of volunteer information using custom fields. Custom fields can be created to track text, numbers, dates, check boxes, and multiple choice fields.

  • Allow volunteers to update custom fields in their profiles.
  • Add custom fields to your organization's enrollment form.
  • Run reports and send emails to volunteers based on custom fields.

A powerful Rosterizer to quickly generate lists of volunteers.

  • List any volunteer information in any order.
  • Include just volunteers matching given criteria.
  • Group volunteers by jobs or shift preferences.
  • Indicate which volunteers match given criteria.
  • Generate MS Word, Web Page, or Excel rosters.
Mailing labels

A mailing label generator for postal mailings.

  • Generate one label per volunteer or one per family.
  • Exclude volunteers that have email access.
  • Sort labels by zip code for bulk mailings.
API Access

Use VSP data with any application of your choosing. A few examples of how to leverage our public API include:

  • Post schedules to your organization's mobile app.
  • Generate specialized reports for sharing data with donors or other volunteer organizations.
  • Set up custom integration between VSP and volunteer management software… and more!
Disaster recovery

A VSP database can always be reverted to the last time you closed the program, but Disaster Recovery restores your database back to a specific point in time. This feature is a last resort for extreme circumstances – when an entire schedule is deleted, for example. Disaster recoveries require manual intervention by the VSP programming team, must be done within 30 days of the time to which you wish to return, and take 24 hours to process.

Included installations

The number of computers on which the VSP administrator's client may be installed for each edition. Additional computers can also be purchased.

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