Scheduling Adoration with Volunteer Scheduler Pro
Adoration Highlights that Schedulers Love:
  • Easy sign ups to help fill more shifts.
  • Sign-in Kiosk for hour and attendance tracking.
  • Auto reminders and online subs to help reduce no-shows.
  • Ability to set up repeating rotations or self-sign ups for positions.
  • Online leaders can take responsibility for certain hours or times of day.
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Adoration Scheduling Case Study: St. Benedict Parish
Terry Gray, Scheduling Adoration with Volunteer Scheduler Pro
Location:Mt. Pleasant, SC
Number of Volunteers:134
How is adoration set up at your church?
Adoration starts at 10 o’clock on Wednesday and ends at 3 o’clock on Friday. I do my scheduling on Monday in preparation for Wednesday, and that works well for me. I have 134 adorers.
What made you choose VSP to schedule adoration?
I was head of the Liturgical and Eucharistic Ministers, and we were already using Ministry Scheduler Pro, so choosing VSP for adoration was easy. I really love the simplicity of creating a schedule, the Emailer feature, and the ability to divide my schedule into divisions.
How has VSP helped improve scheduling adoration?
It takes a lot less time. From when I was creating it and inputting people manually, there is no comparison. Scheduling is not an administrative burden like it once was. All I have to do is change the date and—boom!—it’s done. It takes five minutes, if that. I used to do my scheduling manually, and it took me days!
Do you have any advice for new users using VSP to schedule adoration?
Feel free to use the helpline! Tech support is very responsive, and the program has an awful lot of capability. Being able to send my files to someone when I am having a problem is super! I’ve always gotten a response, and it helps me learn more about the system.
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