Purchase Volunteer Scheduler Pro
Up to
$ / month
  • Flexible scheduling tools
  • Mobile & web based scheduling
  • Online access for volunteers
  • Sub requests
  • Automatic reminders
Up to
$ / month
  • Everything in the lite edition
  • Online access for leaders
  • Custom fields
  • Sign-in kiosk
  • Job folders
  • Group scheduling
  • Disaster recovery
* Note: Optional SMS features are billed separately at $0.02 per SMS message sent or received.
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Additional pricing information
  • There are no setup charges.
  • Unlimited email and telephone technical support is included with all subscriptions.
  • The full subscription cost is paid up front at the beginning of the subscription.
  • The minimum length of a subscription is six months.
  • Optional SMS features are billed separately at $0.02 per SMS message sent or received.
  • Dormant volunteers are not counted when calculating the price of your subscription. Dormant volunteers are volunteers that have not been scheduled or submitted online profile changes in three months. Dormant volunteers can still sign in, review the schedule, and receive all emails and text messages.
Which edition of VSP is right for me?
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Purchasing FAQs
Can I bring my trial data over to my purchased subscription?
Absolutely! When purchasing, you will come to a "Preserve Trial Subscription Data" field. Choose the "I signed up for a VSP trial..." option and enter your trial activation code and password.
Am I locked into the edition and # of volunteers I purchase?
You can always upgrade or expand your subscription by logging into the Client Login area of the website. It's easier to upgrade than downgrade, so we recommend starting low and expanding as needed!
What happens after I purchase?
Once you complete the purchase process and payment is accepted, you will receive an email with your subscription activation code and directions for getting started with VSP.
What is included with my subscription?
VSP’s monthly fee includes all updates made to the program, all web features, the mobile app, and unlimited technical support for your administrators.
Want to speak to a member of our team?
Call or email our support team! We are open 7am - 3pm PST, M-F.